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Publications on Instruments of the Violin Family and their Bows

A panorama showing the slit scan camera by Seitz of Switzerland.


In the ever growing world of books on violins Darling Publications is probably the smallest publishing house … although certainly not small in performance! We love to be compared with the more known and larger publishers, probably because of the till now unanimous quite flattering judgements in direct comparance!
We are extremely happy that most of our publications could set a new standard, not to downgrade the efforts of colleague publishers and their photographers, but rather to raise finally the standard of publications. Something which could not be shown if there were not some previous attempts from well appreciated colleagues. For constructive critique we are always very grateful (unlike some colleagues, who react quite sensitive on critique in diverse forums), as we think improvement is always possible. So if any remarks of every despription can help to improve…they are welcome!
For envious comments we worked hard for, as to get pitifulness is mostly free of charge!
On the other side we take efforts of colleagues to copy our ideas in the oriental way, which is to take it as a the greatest imaginable compliment.

Some facts which might be interesting, as they were first achieved by Darling Publications before all other contenders and will hopefully be copied soon, which will only raise the standard of the general quality of books on instruments of the violin family and their bows…

– First book since the 1974 Stradivari Iconography by Herbert Goodkind with black and white photographs (better good images in black and white than bad ones in colour was the most heard comments on these books!)

– First book where the bow is shown in his entire length! (which made it possible to see the cambre!). By the way, on the same page and without folding the page.
First book exclusively showing the contemporary bow makers with each 19 bows showing the evolution of their work.

– First monography on Nikolai Kittel, showing 30 Bows of one single maker!

– First book where the „deLuxe“ edition is not only bound more luxurious, but also offer additional information in print like 2 fold-out plates showing N. Kittel violin and cello bows in entire length.

– First book showing a full size Violoncello, the book was 1.60 m tall, and when opened, 1,20 m wide!

– First book showing a full size Violin, without the head chopped off to be shown on another page! (So finally showing the ratio of Scroll / Body proportions as in real)
Etc. etc.