The Bows of Nikolai Kittel

Edited by Klaus Grünke, Josef P. Gabriel, Yung Chin and Andy Lim.
The first comprehensive Monography about the phenomenon Nikolai Ferdinandovich Kittel from St. Petersburg and his bows.- Text in English and German
– Essay by Andy Lim about the development and establishment of the musical life in Saint Petersburg in the 18th and the 19th Century during the working life of Nikolai Kittel Sr. and Jr..

– English and German.
– Size: 32 x 28 cm,
– Number of pages: 264, printed on silk-matt 200 gram Profisilk,
– Weight: 3 kilogram.
– 30 Kittel bows
– 759 images, the vast majority in colour, X-rays, with details in the scale of 100%, 110%,150% and larger.
– 47 images of stamps in 500%, 26 stick dimension charts
– Highest quality in printing and bookbinding by hand, both in Germany with the exclusive use of exquisite materials.
– Clothbound 4 mm hardcovers for both the book and the Lim slipcase with its innovative mechanical pull-out device.- Embossings in Copper and Gold Leaf.

Library Edition: € 375,- and P&P
De Luxe Edition: € 750,- and P&P

The De Luxe Edition is limited to only 99 numbered and signed copies worldwide, lavishly excecuted with special features such as 18 Carat three-side edge gilding, Moroccan goat leather in Russian Green and the acclaimed Lim-Slipcase in Copper Lace Balacron.
The leather on the „deLuxe Edition“ could look familiar to those with mothers, wifes and girlfriends with an exclusive taste. As the goat leather from the „deLuxe Edition“ is made by the same small company from the south of France which supply the exclusive leathers used for the Kelly and Birkin bags by Hermès from Paris. After presenting some Darling Publications books, Hermès allowed their exclusive purveyor to supply some hides (the permission of Hermès was the condition because of their exclusive contract, as you can imagine, Hermès is a too important client to lose). So we do feel flattered, honored but deserving that we obviously were considered at similar eye-level by the sense of quality by the world famous company Hermès from Paris.
To take the maximum advantage of such a once a life time opportunity, we issued a limited Edition of 33 copies for the Japanese market which were bound in a specially custum-dyed color of Elvis Presly´s 1957 Cadillac in pink (!) with baby blue embossings and silver sides, presented in a zebra Lim-slipcase.
An additional professional highlight of the De Luxe Editions: Two 100 cm fold-outs, hand-stitched in the book, showing six violin and five cello bows by Kittel in full length and full size Slit-Scan-Photography by Andy Lim.
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