The Compendium Finale of Yet Unknown Contemporary Artists

The last possible chance to create another Compendium of 2400 pages, 13,5 kilogram, handmade by master bookbinder Erwin Hendricks in Germany before his upcoming 70th anniversary next year with his well deserved retirement.
The final close-down of this very last German book binding workshop, specialized in bookbinding for exceptional large formats and sizes, which culminated in the 2009 presented 2400 page Compendium of Contemporary Jewellers, is unfortunately typical for our era, where traditional craftsmanship of the highest order are more and more discontinued without successors who are willing to dedicate their life to a century old profession, which need years and years of training, learning and very hard work.
May this exciting project succeed!

The Concept:

here a link to the 2009 successfully presented Compendium:


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