Nicolas Gilles – The VSA Quartetts 2004-2006-2008-2010

2 cellos, a Gofriller and a Strad (inspiration Christiani) model:
andy and nico

Nicolas GILLES – Luthier à Montpellier
4 Quatuors

edited by Andy Lim

4 VSA Competitions 2004-2010: 16 entrances – 16 Awards
The first monography about a living violinmaker, presenting 16 beautiful instruments in a spectacular bookbinding creation:
Is this book purple or green? Find out yourself!

Allthough Nicolas Gilles actually decided to stop competing at competitions after this book, he could not resist to send another Quartett to the VSA comnpetition 2012 in Cleveland.
And again, unavoidably he was awarded the Silver Medal for Quartett, he did it again! So now the balance is: 20 entrances – 20 Awards!

Library Edition (Edition of 500): € 95,- and P&P
De Luxe Edition (Edition of 16): € 500,- and P&P

The production:

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