Why „Unknown“?

As practically the majority of art books which are published today are presenting and often pretending the artist of the publication to be (already?) world famous, they mostly just are not.
This project would not be the same if it would not carry this little, admit it frankly „disturbing“ word „unknown“

This fact does actually not have any influence of the quality of their work. Every artists is known in their large or small surrounding, in print or internet media, but outside of it they simply are not known.
So this project is aimed to „crack“ or modify the decription of „unknown“, which can now really show how interesting work can be created by artists we all don´t know (yet!). So we leave the making with all the known artists to the other publishers!

The main reason till today for artists, at first very charmed and enthousiastic about this publication concept, to back out of this project, is the second thought: getting more insecure about this single but oh so offending word „unknown“. An often used explanation is that they are serious artists with a 40 year exhibiting career. I frankly don´t know what this has to do with the title?! But I do think it is a great pity that after so long time in the art circuit most of the artist can still not lay down the mantle of „achieved importance“ and realize that by just joining a single book with a slightly provocative title does actually not change the own status of being known or unknown.

in fact: I do notice that because of the title an increasing discussion is going on about this planned book!

Is Darling Publications known?

A question, often asked, especially to the artists nominating other artists, by the asked artists themselves; obviously we are very probably as unknown as the most artists. This status however did not prevent us to continuing presenting books of artists we think should be well worth taken notice off! So getting more known day by day, mainly by the books and projects. We think it is also important not to try „hunting“ for more known artists for our small but fine publishing house, but build up a continious growing amount of self published discoveries in the contemporary art.

People seem to think it is somewhat odd to pay up front and if for some reason the project does not go ahead, how can they re-coup their money?

As with the first Compendium, produced in 2008/2009 we had installed a separate account exclusively for this project, where we kept all participants´ contributions (production fee for one set, 7% tax for EU residents without VAT nr and shipping costs). In case there would not be 1044 artists collected, the project would be announced cancelled and the participants fee refunded, deducted the bank transfer costs.
As we have today, unlike with the first Compendium more than 1000 personal references in 54 countries who can confirm that everything went absolutely correct, both considering production result, financially and shipping, we think that should be more than enough to feel secure about this project. This time should be a lot more easy to be convinced as there are now 13,5 kilo boxes on several tables and shelves today, unlike 5 years ago where only the imagination, enthousiasm and thrust were the thriving forces which made Compendium One possible to be realised!
If that, eventually after talking to several of former participants of the first Compendium project in the town of your own choice, is not comforting enough, one should consider that maybe this project is not suitable for participation and skip this opportunity.

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