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PHASE ONE, Copenhagen
Press release:

Still life photographer Søren Jonesen met with Andy Lim from Darling Publications to capture the unique character of an old lady, Yoldi-Moldenhauer, a 299 year old Stradivarius.

Søren Jonesen:
„I’m very excited and actually a bit nervous. I’m waiting for Yoldi-Moldenhauer. She is insured for over 15 million dollars. She’s never been photographed or published before.
It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot an object of this quality and rarity.

After each shot I turn the violin 30 degrees and take another picture. I have to turn the violin to shoot it in 12 different angles so it’s going to take quite a while to shoot it, maybe a couple of hours. It’s all about the precision.

We can’t compromise quality here, so we’re using the best equipment: A Phase One IQ280 mounted on an Arca-Swiss camera system.“

Andy Lim:
„This shoot is all about quality. We have one of the very best violins in the world. We need the best camera system and the best back. “

Søren Jonesen:
„The IQ280 has a great dynamic range. It’s no problem having detail in both highlight and shadow in a shot like this with great dynamic range.

I’m really happy about the shoot today. It went really well. The output files are very nice with great detail that serves justice to the Stradivarius.“

Phase One:

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