Nikolai Kittel – Violoncello, 1833. St. Petersburg


Nikolai Kittel – Violoncello, St. Petersburg 1833
edited by Andy Lim

This cello is of major historical importance, as it is not only still in possesion of its original label of 1833, but also carries all 4 of its original pegs. Beside this interesting fact which also shows its condition with very little wear, as hardly played, more important are the Parisian eyes in the pegs. They are of identical dimensions of the bows of Nikolai Kittel, made with the double-drill, which the contempories of Kittel from Parisian school of bowmaking did not use yet in 1833, leaving Kittel as practilly the very first bowmaker who used this tool. (From Schwartz, Strasbourg, we know he has used it also, the vicinity to Germany is of course quite remarkable in this case?)

– A Darling xxxL Production, presenting a rare cello in life-size.
– Size: 160 x 60 cm, number of pages: 12, printed on silk-matt 250
gram LumiArt, fully eco-dispersion varnished.
– Weight: very, very heavy. (professional transport recommended!)
– Highest quality in XXXL printing, handfolded and hand stitched
by hand, as always at Darling Publications: entirely in Germany.
– Last Edition Bamberger Kaliko Techno Azzuro Cloth bound
with 8 mm hardcovers in waterproof MDF
– Embossings in Copper and Gold Leaf.

Price: Library Edition (Edition of 25): € 3600,- and P&P
De Luxe Edition (Edition of 9): € 9100,- and P&P

The leather on the „deLuxe Edition“ looks extremely similar as those on the exclusive seats from Aston Martin motor cars, which is not that strange, as the exclusive supplier of the leather, Bridge of Weir from Scotland, is also the supplier for the „deLuxe“ edition.. Aston Martin was obviously quite impressed with the quality standards of Darling Publications books, that they allowed their exclusive purveyor to supply some cow hides (from only female cows, from a maximum radius of 50 km from Edinborough, which allows the hides to be transported without conservation to the factory).

Some images of the presentation:







Some images of the production:

The Kittel cello 1833 book at the presentation

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