The Book Presentation of Lisa Walker – „Unwearable“ in Munich, 2008


LISA WALKER—Unwearable

Andy Lim of Darling Publications-Cologne & New York did it again.
Darling Publications, since the 2 monumental Monograph books on Karl Fritsch (2007) worldwide known as the premier adress for exclusive publications on jewellery will reveal its newest surprise coup. During the Handwerksmesse 2008 in Munich another spectacular book will be presented at the occasion of the solo show Gold and Bones from 2007 Förderpreis der Stadt München recipient Lisa Walker (New Zealand).

LISA WALKER—Unwearable contains about 1000(!) color images, photographic impressions by 6 artists (Lukas Roth, Birgit Rautenberg, Eva Jünger etc.), 10 readworthing essayes by scholars (Franz Liebl, Damian Skinner, Liesbeth den Besten), artists (Chicks on Speed, Thomas Palme, Stephen Bram), jewellers (Bernhard Schobinger, Warwick Freeman, Paul Derrez) and gallerists (Paul Derrez, Olga Biro etc.). An impressive retrospective resumé of Lisa Walker´s work from 1992 till today.

This 2,2 kilogram book ( 240 pages) comes in an unsurpassable length of 50 cm of length, … when it is closed. Opened it is longer than one meter! Printed in Germany, each single one hand bound in Germany, this book displays images in ca. 30% more resolution by the newest screening technology Sublima by Agfa .

Don´t miss the opportunity to get one of these books (or at least experience one). Produced in a very, very small edition of 400 books Library edition and an extra 100 signed & numbered DeLuxe edition in linen slipcase. This exceptional publication is expected to become very soon a very scarce book, as it is also seductive and desirable for non-jewellery collectors. Any book lover is recommended to experience this exceptional book with the creative outburst of Lisa Walker.

Some images:

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