DARLING (x)XXL Publications

These are publications for people who satisfied their desires concerning collectable books already from the selections our colleague publishers offer.
Created and dedicated to discerning collectors who already think they know or own already everything, for those whose senses and demands are difficult to meet, and recognize what is worth and important to be recognized …

Size Does Matter …

As some of the Darling Publications books does have extravagant and sometimes very large dimensions, they have been complimented for that and are often compared with the books from our greatly respected and well admired Cologne senior Mega publisher Benedikt Taschen.


We still modestly insist, even as the junior publisher colleague, that there is actually no comparison, as Darling Publications´ offset printed, hand stitched and linnen bound books has surpassed, frankly speaking, all books by the Taschen Verlag in all parameters but one (weight!), like the dimensions of spine length (160 cm, 90 cm), the dimensions of width (closed: 60 cm, opened 120 cm), the spine height (23 cm), the amount of pages (2400 pages and 16 pages), the fold out leporellos (3 m). The highly respected record of weight (SUMO by Helmut Newton) will be broken in a publication to be revealed in 2015.
Only in the amount of produced editions like the beautiful SUMO publication in 10.000 copies, called limited by the Taschen Verlag, we cannot keep up. To keep a certain exclusivity and quality for the book collectors, our maximum print run was till now 1500 copies, our most limited edition of offset printed books is produced in 9 copies.

As today large, extra large and extra extra large is defined with the acronyms L, XL and XXL, the only acronym suitable for some very large books from Darling Publications is, although a bit inflationary, XXXL. The cute Darling baby dog mutated for these productions temporarily in Tyrannosaurus Rex dimensions, which needed two piles of books as support.

As a Cologne based publisher we are proud to announce our 10th anniversary of the co-operation with the Cologne based printing company of Asmuth Druck + Crossmedia (where all books has been printed) and the bookbinding company of Hendricks & Lützenkirchen in Kleve, Germany, despite the indisputable possibility of more competitive foreign production costs. We never regretted a single second that we chose for an entirely German production without the benefits of the uncompetable production pricing from the Far-East. We prefer to choose our manufacturing partners ONLY by quality and not by labour costs.

The 160 cm x 60 cm Book: Nikolai Kittel- A Violoncello, St. Petersburg, 1833

The 90 cm x 35 cm Book: The Great Contemporary Bow Makers of the 21st Century

Volume I + II

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