Other Publications

Various themes, from contemporary poetry in combination with art.

A concised biography of Albert Dietrich, who studied composition with Robert Schumann in Düsseldorf, where in October 1853 he first met Brahms and collaborated with Schumann and Brahms on the ‚F-A-E‘ Sonata for Joseph Joachim (Dietrich composed the substantial first movement). From 1861 until 1890 he was the musical director at the court of Oldenburg, where Brahms often visited him and where he introduced many of Brahms’s works. It was in Dietrich’s library that Brahms discovered the volume of poetry by Hölderlin that furnished him with the text for his Schicksalslied, which he began composing while visiting Wilhelmshaven dockyard in Dietrich’s company. Dietrich was also instrumental in arranging for the premiere of Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem at Bremen in 1868.

Remarkable is also a collection of important early Anatolian kilims as well as diverse embroideries and other Asian textiles, collected during a life long passion by Dr. Johannes Wolff-Diepenbrock.

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