The Darling Ivory Project Part II

The 2015 Darling Ivory Project has been successfully ended with the adoption of 7 years for each of the 18 baby African elephants, which were financed by 18 donated bows by 18 bow makers. The bows, made with ivory frogs from the very same tusk and pre CITES of 1974 were legally purchased from a legal source and each bow was delivered with CITES certification for the frog, button and tip.

Now a Second group with 18 bowmakers is being formed.

We welcome for the second Volume on board:

Update July 2018:

we welcome  following  bowmakers on board:

Walter Barbiero (Padova)

Emmanuel Bégin (Montreal)

Sylvain Bigot (Lyon)

Renato Casara (João Neiva)

Edwin Clement (Paris)

Eric Fournier (Montreal)

Eric Gagné (Montreal)

Murat Ufuk Güler (Izmir)

Wellington Imberti (João Neiva)

Henry Guerra (Brasil)

Daoudi Hassoun (Sers)

Tibor Kovacs (Paris)

Cody Kowalski (Port Townsend)

Tino Lucke ( Berlin)

Peter Richtarik (Bratislava),

Mathias Wohlleber (Berlin)

and we can report gratefully that Josef P. Gabriel is excited and enthousiastic that, although already having participated in Vol. One and donated a viola bow, he is accepted to make another bow, this time an ivory and silver mounted violin bow!

some fotos from the 1st Darling Ivory Project:

Here some images:

Mitsuaki Sasano, Menton/Osaka:

Doriane Bodart, Paris:

Stephane Thomachot, Cucuron:

Josephine Thomachot, Paris:

Harm Bakker, Amsterdam:

Josef Gabriel, Erlangen:

Vladimir Mukhin, Moscow:

Victor Bernard, Brussels:

Ulf Johansson, Harlösa:

Dirk Löscher, Barcelona:

Dominic Wilson, Brussels:

Arthur Dubroca, Paris:

Boris Fritsch, Paris:

Emmanuel Carlier, Paris:

Alexandre Aumont, Paris:

Kees van Hemert, The Hague:

Andreas Grütter, Amsterdam:

photos from St.Thomachot, M. Sasano and B. Etzler will follow.