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Here we pass on some news and gossip about the artists, luthiers, bow makers and publications which might interest our true and loyal fans! All news and gossip are first-hand information, which we cannot guarantee 100% to be genuine, but till now the vast majority proved more than true …

15 March 2020

Sad but not unexpected NEWS…

…from Cologne / Frankfurt

The Frankfurt Messe cancelled both the MusikMesse 2020 as well as the MusikMesse Plaza 2020, where this year Cuvée Darling 2020 was supposed to take place. Although understandable in the situation, where practically every European country is part of the traveling and socially lock-down, it was very disappointing for so many participants and for Darling Publications, as a beautiful book is already being produced at the moment of cancelling.

So as all the fabric, embossing clichées are already deliverd at the book binder, we are sorting out the possibility to produce a extreme rare edition in numbers, to try to get some financing of the enormous financial loss due to the expo not taking place. As I suggest to make a limited edition in the amount of participants, it will probably become one of the rarest books in history of violin making. Every participant can order one copy if they are interested. The ones which are not ordered by the participants will be fore sale for the interested. As there will be also 18 contemporary tortoise shell and 18 ivory mounted bows presented for the first time it is expecially interesting for bow lovers.

But also several interesting and talented young generation luthiers can be seen published for the first time. Please write if you are interested in one of the ca. 50 books, all numbered, so I know how many can be sold to the public (non-exhibitors), as there is always a small but therefore very interested group of loyal fans of these publications.

3 + 4 April 2020,

SPECTACULAR NEWS…from Cologne / Frankfurt


Darling Publications is more than pleased to congratulate this year the Musikmesse Frankfurt for their 40th Anniversary and to announce now in 2020 with excitement, anticipation and curiosity the 1st of the Trilogy of exceptional Cuvée Darling Frankfurt Exhibitions as Cooperation Partner of Musikmesse Plaza. 

Ca. 50 Violin makers and Bow makers will be exhibiting their recent works and meet interested musicians, dealers, collectors and last but not least their colleagues! We can humbly call this exhibition „international“, as the 20 countries represented under one roof are Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China (living in Germany, no reason to fear the Corona virus!), Costa Rica, Denmark, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Spain, Russia, Sweden and Turkey. Some of the exhibited instruments and bows are even for sale, an opportunity one should take as many of them have long waiting lists… A musician not able to make up his mind last year at the Cuvée Darling Frankfurt Rotonda Exhibition, travelled to Montpellier a week later to acquire the violin, luckily it was still available, as the other was sold in the exhibition to a dealer! Often the second attempt to acquire a bow or instruments was less successful, leading to a life-long (maybe also possibly an exaggerated and romanticized) regret. Don´t miss a possibly matching instrument or bow at this expo!

Additional 24 young luthiers in 6 teams of recently graduates and advanced students of Violin Making Schools of Antwerpen, Bilbao, Ghent, Istanbul, Izmir, Milano, Mirecourt, Mittenwald and Newark will join forces in another 3-year project: the building of a sextet of string instruments at the premises: 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos . These ambitious young luthiers are obviously NOT lazy and can be see working LIVE in action during the exhibition! Certainly worth a visit!

Andy Lim personally invited 5 exceptional makers (N. Gilles, U. Hinsberger, J. Legrand, J. H. Park & A. Somers) as supervisors for the 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos, which are planned to be presented  fully varnished in a concert in 2022 at the Cuvée Darling Frankfurt Exposition. Those who know the impeccable taste and exquisite ears (not to forget the seldom erratic nose for talent!) of A. Lim know that the high expectations of the sextet of instruments to be great sounding is not only a matter of hope, but actually more of a promise! Unfortunately they will not be for sale, but intended to be lent out to worthy young musicians. Now some extra line to the yet undeserved unknown Anton Somers: Anton from Antwerpen is more than average courageous, as he obviously wide-chested OFFERED to supervise the making of 2 instruments, but even in the making of 2 CELLOS with 2 teams! As a cellist I am delighted, but as organizer bit worried, although as an well informed and not a risky but conservative  gambler still very confident and sleeping excellent! In 2022 we will know if this generous offer is as realistic and successful in the result. Anton, we are watching you!

Same for the chapter bow making:  at least 4 bows will be made on site too, a possibility for the public to see how a bow is made, and for the colleagues surely to discuss different working styles and techniques! Magdalena Sapeta, Murat Ufuk Güler for violin bows, Ulf Johansson for a viola bow and Josef P. Gabriel the cello bow. The violin and viola bows will have great players to test them for final playing qualities. The cello bow will be personally fine-tuned by Andy Lim personally and with with certainty an exceptional playing bow, as the nowadays more than known the more than modest private collection of Andy Lim shows. (sorry for the GABRIEL cello bow advertising, but great playing cello bows in multiple quantities per maker by more than 50 others makers are also in the collection, so Andy is NOT biased!). If everything goes well we can welcome Eric Fournier and Emmanuel Bégin too in Frankfurt like last last year and seeing them making together a bow too. Same plans for the bows as the instruments to to lent out to promising young musicians, a bonus for those studying at the Frankfurt Music Academy!! 

PAULUS Bowparts will be there too, never so close to the bow makers as this occasion. With expertise and company experience from family generations, Helmut, Andreas and Matthias represent this more than well known and respected family business.

Two global players of String Manufacturing, known to well informed insiders as PIRASTRO annd THOMASTIK-INFELD will be there for professional encounters and advise. We are more than sure that several of the exhibited instruments will have swapped strings on them by the end of the exhibition, both ways!

The first and original AnimaNova carbon soundpost is also supporting this event as last year!

For those who remember the 30 meter booth of Darling Publications at Mondomusica Cremona 2012, where the handcoloured  Fish Artwork of the artist Gerhard Winkler could be admired: We are pleased to announce for our exposition the show „Gerhard Winkler – My Possibly Now and Then a Bit Strange-looking Sculptures“!

„Of course several other partners beside the violin and bow makers will welcome you in the Halle 4, Europasaal, where 600 m2 of goodies for those interested in the big exiting Strings World. Goodies for the Eyes, the Ears but also the Mouth, as always will be adequate: not only „food for thought“, but also „food and drinks for the physical well-being“! Not to forget the agreeable company!

September 2019, NEWS from Cologne / Cremona

Dear Fans of Cuvée Darling events!

Already the 2nd Expo in this year. 2019 was a fruitful year! Although smaller than the 3rd and final Frankfurt Exposition together with the SINFONIMA insurance company, where Darling Publications presented about 20 luthiers and 45 bow makers (!), we are happy to meet you in the San Vitale as every year, presenting many, many goodies.

If you have the time or just coincidently are in Cremona the 27th and 28th September 2019, come by and have a look, a talk, a wine or a piece of pizza at 28th evening!

April 2019, NEWS from Cologne

Preface PDFs:

preface of the editor

preface of the editor, part 1

preface of the editor, part 2

The Rotunde of the Festhalle, Frankfurt.

As the books are on a Macbook Pro of 17 inch, they are larger than one thinks. Some think they are on a 13 inch laptop!
The substantial and heavy 216 pages book of the 3rd and final Sinfonima Cuvée Darling 2019 Exhibition. Only 250 Softcover and 100 Hardcover were produced, which will make it a rare collector´s item soon. 45 bow makers and 19 violin makers (not to forget 1 guitar maker!) with hundreds of bows, instruments and pictures of the makers. Additional documentation of the 2017 and 2018 Frankfurt Expositions. As most copies are now in hands of the exhibitors, there are just few copies left over and available for purchase at:


We proudly can report that we successfully managed a successful 3rd and final Sinfonima Cuvée Darling 2019 Exhibition at the Rotunde in Frankfurt with as usual the last evening 100 Pizza Party!

We thank The Mannheimer Insurance company and their entire team for all the efforts they were able to do according to their company style and taste. Especially we are grateful to Director Harald Fröhlich for handling stressful situations with calm authority. It was also quite an interesting experience to get to work with a corporate Marketing Department and their traditional marketing policy as they are trained and used to work in. And of course not to forget Susanne Leuthner for juggling many different opinions and directions into a Mannheimer event! We thank Darling Publications for organizing the first 3 joint Mannheimer and Cuvée Darling Frankfurt Exhibitions on German soil, in the initially requested Darling style as much it was let to, and hope to see in near future again more the pure Cuvée Darling events!

This last joint-exhibition had highlights like an amazing gathering of 45 international exhibiting bow makers under one (nice) roof, not even counting prominent visitors like the French bow makers Emmanuel Carlier, Edwin Clement and Stéphane Thomachot, the German bow makers like Rudolf Neudörfer, Johannes Miething, Gerald Knoll and Thomas Grünke. Also Pierre Guillaume could be spotted in the crowd! Additionally we were happy to welcome many new exhibiting Luthiers for their first time at a Darling Expo! The novelty, the present participation of 15 lady bow makers will set a new standard in the world of bow making for already near future, we made a good start.

Some „lowlights“ were caused by absolutely unnecessary peripheric stress before and after this Exhibition, making it certainly (undesired) unforgettable for some; some of the Mannheimer staff, some of the exhibitors, the Darling entourage, even including me! But we can cryptically reveal now that things went the ways it went with all its unavoidable implications.

Here some pictures backwards in chronology, thanks to several of the exhibitors and visitors for sending in your pictures! Have fun!

Andy Lim

7 April, Sunday morning. Packing and then back to Cologne!
That was it?
Truck is packed for Cologne. Packing team: Sebastian Dirr, Harm Bakker, Vladimir Mukhin, Julian Dirr and Boss Lim!
Everything in the truck except for the empty pizza cartons.
Everything packed, waiting for the truck.
Kees van Hemert and Ufuk Güler waiting for truck.
The Rolls gets today a well deserved Sunday rest. So today the Smart will do the job.
Harm Bakker was still tired from the party. But empty pizza cartons seem to be comfortable!

Kees van Hemert helping getting the empty boxes out.

6 April. After midnight.

Work for next morning!

More work for next morning!

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist IMG_6978-2500x1875.jpg
First some hours sleep. Tomorrow after breakfast cleaning up.

5 April. Afternoon. 17:00

An unexpected highlight was the delivery of a chilled 5 Liter barrel of Reissdorf Kölsch beer with the stunning white Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge convertible Motor Car.

5 Liter Reissdorf Kölsch, chilled and delivered cold from Cologne by Rolls Royce Motor Cars GmbH, delivered by Mr. Thomas Halfmann.

T. Halfmann demonstrating the convertible roof after delivering the beer.

Mr. Konrad Kohlert from Poxdorf posing with Kölsch and Rolls!

Nicolas Gilles decided to start saving money!

A deserved rest after cooking the Ormeaux. Fournier and Bégin.

Rare to find: the Spirit of Ectasy (or Emily) and grill in Black chrome. Only on the Black Badge edition of the Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible. 6,6 litre, 12 cylinder, 601 horse power, 840 Nm.

no comments needed….typical Thomachot photo with Leica M10-P!

6 April 2019, 19.00

The Pizza Party

The Kaisersaal is prepared for the pizza party.

Waiting for the Pizza on the terrace.

Still waiting.

Waiting inside

Waiting outside

Still waiting.

Andy with bottle of mineral water. Also waiting.

Still waiting.

Finally first delivery. 100 in total to come! Still daylight at 19.30 time.

Renato Casara did it again! His Caipirinhas were hugely popular!

5 French Lady Bow makers.


Hinsberger and Nagaishi

Everybody finds somebody, to talk…while waiting for next pizza delivery.

Josephine look stunned to Gabrielle Cattalan. Suoyi Ma concentrating on something else.

Full mouths.

Hajato-San like not only pizza. Beer too!

More pizzas coming soon.

The vintage 80´s Scottish turntable Systemdek II with British Tonearm SME 3009 Series III turned out to be an exceptional  good match. And good sound too! All  equipment used are English components with Camtech (modificated Audiolab with 40A current!) pre and power amplifiers and Celestion speakers.

Stefan, A.Lim, Arina Osaki, Junko Schönitz and Kees van Hemert

Gabriel Reinhold from the back talking with A. Pasztor (Thomastik Infeld), Eric Gagné, Emmanuel Bégin, Yirang, Jihwan Yi and Gianni Park.

Junko in a playful mood.

Sebastian Dirr happy to get a refill.

Caipirinha, white wine (Cuvée Darling 2018), red wine (Luberon) and even water on same table. Pizza too.

T. Shirata busy with a selfie. Others busy with pizza.

Pizza massacre. But quantity seemed not to be the issue.

Tables carrying now Pizzas instead of violins.

Eric Gagné and Alexandre Aumont

R. Bücking with K. van Hemert were the only 2 with hats.

Peter Ivanyi and Diana

Erling Steffensen, Ulrich Hinsberger and Ufuk Güler from the back.

Ulf Johansson and Gianni Park

Arina happy because there is enough pizza.

Andy with full mouth. Eric Gagné not yet.

Mylene Lasalle

Josef Gabriel smiling as always. Rainer Bücking looking quite suspicious.

Something funny? Andy seems not to get it!

Empty tables. More pizza!

Pizzas coming and coming. Outside already dark now.

Camille Hommel and Andy. In the back Susanne and unknown lady.

a panorama picture. click to enlarge.

Phillipe Mahu, Christine and Gabriel Reinhold with unknown gentleman.

Waiting for new pizzas. Tables empty.

Arina and Stefan.

Remark of the publisher: same dental technician?

Erling Steffensen has something interesting to tell for Daniela Finkel and Ufuk Güler.

Jeremie Legrand, Marie Chastagnol and Boris Fritsch.

Vladimir Mukhin and Arthur Dubroca.

Andy with Michael Veit from Darmstadt.

Jeremie Legrand getting tired.

Bernd Etzler and Stefan.

Fritsch, Hawthorne and Aumont leaving.

6 April, 17.00

Before the Pizza Party Edwin Clement and Emmanuel Carlier unfortunately had to leave to catch a train to Paris.

6 April. Early afternoon. Upstairs.

Andy tried upstairs in the Kaisersaal the amazing 76 gram cello bow from M. Sasano. Surprisingly STRONG bow with great sound due to low mass! Superb.The cello by Gianni Park from Cremona got 2nd Prize at the Triennale 2018 and sounded beautiful and even. On top very easy to play!

5 April, In the afternoon

Before the Evening Party…downstairs:

Full lighting at the opening. Even in the food and beverage area. Were the Food tables not hidden enough behind the huge Mannheimer posters?  Absence of lighting certainly did not help people to get access to food and beverages!

Peter Ivanyi looking very interested.

Erling Steffensen and Thibaut Vatel discussing bow books.

finally 2 lamp bulbs replaced. did anybody notice?


by Emmanuel Bégin & Eric Fournier

Magdalena Sapeta, M.Sasano, Daniel and Marie-Pierre Delaruelle

Magdalena Sapeta found other purposes for the Ormeau shells.

BlaBlaBla Time!

Although our partner Mannheimer decided to skip speeches etc., spontaneously Andy decided to grab a microphone. So now some  usual Bla Bla speech, while catering is building up the food. First alone…

facing a crowd as audience…

Then welcoming all Lady Bowmakers …

When will we see ever more lady bowmakers on one spot?

Then Susanne Leuther joined in. After proclaiming to the crowd loudly it was the first time ever she saw Andy not drunk (?!), as surprise a funny portrait was handed over, signed by all 2019 participants and staff from the Mannheimer Insurance, as souvenir for the 3 Frankfurt Expos; 2017, 2018, 2019. Found already good place at home!

A portrait from a certain Jean Baptiste Lim! (Luillaume?)

good place at studio Lim.

5 April, 19.00

The sign for the ready buffet was given by Harald Fröhlich,  „Amazing Grace“ performed on the bagpipe! (surprisingly very in tune!) 

So everybody went upstairs where the buffet was waiting…

A festive moment of Bernd Etzler handing over his violin bow to Angelika Luef. Mannheimer executives Harald Fröhlich and Susanne Leuthner looking content. Unfortunately such a moment was not arranged for the other selected bowmaker for this year´s two special bow commissions for the sponsoring Agencies, Sebastian Dirr and his cello bow.

Daniela Finkel could always be recognized, even from behind!

Andy and Marta Richtárik

left: Thomas Grünke and Klaus Giebels

R. Bücking, Madame and Mr. Gabriel

Lazzarato, Pamiro and L. Slaviero having good time. The photographer obviously also.

S. Escobar and F. U. Rittwagen

Kovacs, Lim and Clement

Frank-Ulrich Rittwagen and Sebastian Escobar

E. Clement and T. Kovacs

Susumu Shirakawa seems to feel very well! The Japanese clique with at the right side Osamu Suga from Bremen.

Jisephine Thomachot, Andy and Gunther Lobe

E. Clement with turntable still life.

Philippe Mahu in a rarely seen so good mood! Surely the wine glass helped.

Bad influence from Bégin and Fournier!

left table: Rolf Enzenauer and Thomas Halfmann. right table: S. Leuthner and Klaus Grünke.

Stefan, Arina Osaki and A. Lim

Andy Lim and Rudi Neudörfer

Sasano joined Lim and Neudörfer.

Suoyi Ma, Xiuwei Zhou-Geiger and J. Gabriel

Susanne Leuthner with Hagen Weise, in front Andreas Haensel with his lovely wife!

Bernd Etzler between Flavio Schaeffer and sister(?)

Christine, Philippe Mahu and Francesco Coquoz.

Family Schaeffer from Brasil.

Doriane Bodart, Klaus Grünke, Jeroen Reuling and Josephine Thomachot.

Sylvie Masson in the front.

Adriaan van Kollenburg (Bremen), Andy, Atsuyo, Hagen Weise and unknown lady.

Michael Köberling, Nicolas Gilles from behind. Rolf Enzenauer at the right.

Thomas Halfmann and Katia Louis

Clement and the Italian „Tre Grazie“ Lazzarato, Pamiro and L. Slaviero

Les trois Graces by Jean-Jacques Pradier

Tibor Kovacs-Andy Lim-Edwin Clement. Two of the very few gentlemen at the evening wearing a tie at the same photo!

Arina with Cites bows. Behind is M. Wohlleber.

Hagen Weise with Susumu Shirakawa. Left: Nicolas Gilles.

Andy with Sylvie Masson who looks peaceful.

Jeroen Reuling. In the background Philippe Mahu with Arina.

Kovacs and Clement. Interesting hand position from Tibor Kovacs. Head freshly shaved already. Soon in Chinese Buddhist temple?

Remark from publisher to show of his vast general knowledge of history: Right Hand of Buddha, ca. 550–560, China (Northern Xiangtangshan, North Cave). Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Paolo Pamiro and Andrea Proietti taking a break.

Andy with Yirang

Josef Gabriel, Suoyi Ma and Irmtraud Gabriel

E, Bégin.

Clement talking with Kovacs. Again the Italian „Tre Grazie“.

the Balcony

with again our Italian „Tre Grazie“

Dia de los Muertos, 3 Mexican graces.

Daytime=Exhibition Time – both floors!

Peter Richtárik

Pasquier, Carlier looking at images by Thomachot. In the background the favorite poster of the Mannheimer, the huge „Face of the Mannheimer, the beautiful pianist Olga“ we could already encounter at all 3 Strings Exhibitions in Frankfurt. Have to say now that this huge poster will not be missed by my humble me, after questioning unsuccessfully every time the logic behind pairing a grand piano with hundreds of bows and dozens of violin family instruments!

CITES guitar and bows

Suoyi Ma and David Hawthorne

Marie Chastagnol, E. Bégin, Andy, E. Fournier and E. Gagné.

The Schönitz CITES guitar.

Hajato Nagaishi, Andy Lim and Gianni Park

Andrea Proietti and Bégin (?)

Erling Steffensen and E. Bégin with Hinsberger violin and Bégin bow.

Gabrielle Cattalan using the slicer.

Kayo Saegusa and Suoyi Ma.

E. Carlier, Gabrielle Cattalan, E. Fournier, Katia Louis and Alexandre Aumont.

Arthur Dubroca looking interested at tip of a bow.

Magdalena Sapeta, Andy and Daniel

Guitar maker Jens Schönitz with Ufuk Güler

Andy with Gianni Jihwan park from Cremona

Daniela Finkel with Siegfried Rivinius

Julian Dirr with Siegfried Rivinius

Renato Casara

David Hawthorne

Eric Fournier, Johanna Gabriel and Katia Louis

Daniela Finkel with Andy Lim. at the left Georg Brunion.

S. Rivinius with A. Lim

Boris Fritsch preparing to stamp the Aumont-Dubroca-Fritsch cello bow. The socalled „six-hands-bow“! Another famous „4 hands“ bow is also to be seen here: the B.P. Fritsch-Nehr German grip double bass bow.

Stamping of the Lady´s bow obviously need some gentlemen´s help!

Katia Louis happily succeeded stamping with injured finger.

Johanna Gabriel overseeing the quite empy maker´s food table

Hajato and Andy

Andy surrounded by Susanne and Harald. With 3 Turkish gentlemen.

S. Thomachot and E. Fournier.

Mr. Emil Lavrenov and Son. With Mathias Wohlleber.

Thibaut Vatel, Philippe Mahu, Harm Bakker, Kees van Hemert, Andrea Schudtz, Peter Richtárik.

Suoyi Ma

Ulf and Gianni

American bow maker David Hawthorne also interested in violins!

Sasano shows his 76 gr cello bow to S. Thomachot

Gianni Park with Nicolas Gilles

Gabrielle Cattalan likes ham!

E. Fournier with Jihwan Park

Ufuk and Ufuk. Turkish connection.

Renato Casara. Lucie Martinie alone with a drink.

Mitsuaki Sasano

now with Andy.

Kees van Hemert, Andy Lim, David Hawthorne, Suoyi Ma and St. Thomachot

Boris Fritsch and Eric Gagné

Fournier. Rivinius. Gabriel Pasquier. Don´t know why everybody is looking to the left?

Ufuk Güler with Vladimir Mukhin.

Peter Richtárik with Rudi Neudörfer

Two tie wearers: Ufuk and Andy

Luca Slaviero with Ufuk

the repaired bows from the auction seem to be interesting enough to be played.


CITES bows. Gold tortoise shell violin and cello bow by E. Carlier a Paris.

to be continued …

March 2019, NEWS from Cologne/Frankfurt

Finally finished the Catalogue for the 3rd and Final SINFONIMA Cuvée Darling Exhibition.

Here some details. Enjoy reading or enjoy even more coming by!

October 2018, NEWS from Cremona

Another successful Cuvée Darling Expo in Cremona on 28 and 29 September 2018!

The Presentation of the new Series „The Cologne Bow Quarterly“ was more than successful too! The 30 pre-copies already all sold. The Strad magazine will soon offer them too, so please write to them for ordering this little gem from Darling Publications. Be fast, as they will only get 25 copies. Holfter GmbH gets 25 copies as well. Total edition of only 250 softcover copies. Only 50 de Luxe copies in Hardcover binding.

Door opened to welcome the vistors. The Cremona Munipality was particularly helpful with their traffic signs showing the entrance of the exhibition!:

inside views, some bows:some instruments:

The Strad Magazine  team visited the expo:

Also from UK, Sean Bishop grinning and looking obviously pleased:

Stephane Thomachot reflecting about todays generation bowmaking:

But bows are obviously also of interest for many others:

Stéphane Thomachot between Eric Fournier and Andy Lim:

some food:

some beer:

Nicolas Gilles serving beer in the Cologne style, Sean Bishop looks very satisfied with the beer as he is still grinning!

The shortest opening speach ever, less than 15 seconds!, so the Pizza Party started with still warm pizzas!:

Eric & Eric (Gagné and Fournier):

Thomachot and Emmanuel Bégin with exceptional Kölsch beer glasses. Very sought after collector items!:

ARina & ALina (Osaki and Kostina)

50 empty pizza boxes:

September 2018, NEWS from Cologne & Cremona

The cataloque for the Cremona Cuvée Darling 2018  is in print. is now at the bookbinder. It is FINISHED already! Green is the softcover Library edition, Red is the hardcover DeLuxe Edition. (the Lilac and Yellow books are from last year!)

Small in size like last year (15 x 21 cm only), limited in copies, but as allways well appreciated by all … and as always soon to be collector items again, unavoidably!

Now waiting for the Cremona Cuvée Darling show.

San Vitale is waiting to be filled with great instruments, great bows and great company!

We are proud to announce that instruments of 3 former Cremona Triennale Competition Gold Medal winners will be presented at Cuvée Darling 2018! At mere 50 meters of the Museo del Violino where all the instruments are exhibited of this years Triennale.

Happy to welcome from Canada: The bow makers  Eric Gagné, Emmanuel Bégin and Eric Fournier. And last but not least from USA: Luthier David Gusset with his latest violin!

and 5 (!)

additional Special Bow Exhibitions!

Hope to see you in Cremona!


SAN VITALE Cultural Centre

Piazza Sant´Angelo 1

26100 CREMONA, Italy

When? These two days:

Friday 28 September 10:00- 20.00

Saturday 29 September 10:00- 22:00 (Pizza Party!)

The new Series „Cologne Bows Quarterly“ is also already printed,

here the Pre Edition of 2018, as the real thing starts 2019!

Will be presented in Cremona during the Expo!:

and waiting to be bound at the bookbinders workshop:

April 2018, NEWS from Frankfurt

The World Premiere of the exceptional

B. P. FRITSCH-NEHR German Double Bass Bow

A French hommage with a twinkle

by Boris Fritsch and Pierre Nehr from Paris

to the great H. R. PFRETZSCHNER, his sought after  German Double Bass Bows and their maybe hyped (?) reputation.

Nevertheless they took the challenge. Bass players are now welcome to try out themselves. 

Bringing a H. R. Pfretzschner Bass Bow for comparison is not requested or a must, but heartly welcome and recommended.

A strictly limited one digit-edition of 9 (or maybe even less) bows will be available for acquisition on order only. The numbered bows will be built in the sequence of orders, and as an exceptional Art Project orders will be treated priviliged concerning the regular waiting list of Boris Fritsch.

Brand new German stamps from Nürnberg by Mr. Lorenz with the finished bow:

Everybody in excited anticipation of the branding and stamping procedure:

Beloved Darling I being immortalized on the 1st Fritsch-Nehr bow ever.

Brave and courageous Boris Fritsch took the responbility:

Job is done. Happy and relieved faces:

The makers signed the guest book:A close up of the branding stamps in the guest book:

Bow in action. Everybody extremely happy! Bass player also.

Final Group Photo ot the Masterminds behind this very special project!:

April 2018, NEWS from Frankfurt

„La Venotte „

An exceptional cello bow, gold ebony mounted.

An exceptional Project. La Venotte, Mirecourt.

Exceptional supportive German Collegue Buyers;

an example of German-French Friendship.

The German Experts of the Cologne Experts Days, Josef P. Gabriel (standing most left) and Mathias Wohlleber (standing most right), after the confirmation of the great playing qualities of the bow by Andy Lim, decided happily to acquire the beautiful Gold mounted „La Venotte“ Cello bow, made by Lucie Martinie and Gabriel Pasquier (+button by S. Bigot), not to forget the support of material, mental support and work: gold by Stephane Muller, stick by Jean-Pascal Nehr, Sylvain Bigot, ebony by Yannick Le Canu and help by Catherine Baroin. Lucie Martinie and Gabriel Pasquier are going home each with a selection of Frankonian beer and will not stay thirsty.

March 2018, NEWS from Cologne /Frankfurt

On 13 and 14 April the 2nd SINFONIMA Cuvée Darling Exhibition will take place in Frankfurt, Saalbau Gutleut (6 minutes walking from the Train station!)

Everybody welcome!

December 2017, NEWS from Brussels

An invitation in December to the European Commission meeting on ivory trade as one of 39 Stakeholders, proved to be surprisingly productive, as 5 of the speakers (including myself) were trying their utmost best to defend and promote the position of musicians and music instrument makers! The successful Darling Ivory Project was received with astonishment that the David Sheldrick Trust accepted the donated funds through this Project!

December 2017, NEWS from Cologne 

The second group being formed now for another 18 Ivory mounted bows is nearing completion. As in the first group we will mix  well known makers with less known makers, but all have in common the same passion to do something to support baby elephants!

New names are now added for this obviously appreciated Darling Ivory Project:

  • Edwin Clement (Paris), violin bow
  • Tino Joh. Lucke (Berlin), violin bow

We welcomed for the second Volume already on board:

1. Walter Barbiero (Padova), viola bow

2. Emmanuel Bégin (Montreal),

3. Sylvain Bigot (Paris), viola bow

4. Renato Casara (João Neiva), cello bow

5. Gaetan Dariel (Besançon), viola bow

6. Eric Fournier (Montreal)

7. Josef P. Gabriel (Erlangen)

8. Eric Gagné (Montreal),

9. Murat Ufuk Güler (Izmir), cello bow

10. Henry Guerra (Paris/Brasil), cello bow

11. Daoudi Hassoun (Sers)

12. Wellington Imberti (João Neiva),

13. Tibor Kovacs (Paris), violin bow

14. Cody Kowalski, Port Townsend

15. Peter Richtarik (Bratislava), transitional bow

16. Mathias Wohlleber (Berlin), cello bow

… and we can report gratefully that Josef P. Gabriel is  enthousiastic that, although already having participated in Vol. One and donated a viola bow, he is accepted to make another bow, this time an ivory and silver mounted violin bow!


November 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne, Paris and Izmir (Turkey)

During my own fysical presence in Paris for presenting the newest publication „114 Exceptional Childrens Violin Bows“ (edited by Siegfried Rivinius and my humble self):

photo by Philippe Krümm, La Bellevilloise, Paris

 and 9 Gold Tortoiseshell mounted Violin Bows (all with CITES!):

my meta-fysical presence could be encountered in Izmir, During the 3rd IKSEV Workshop. A workshop Murat Ufuk Güler and myself initiated with support from Filiz Sarper Eczacıbaşı of the Izmir Foundation.

Message from Murat Ufuk Güler:

Dear friends

We finished our 3rd event. We had enjoy with Wolfram, Nicolas and all the participants and Filiz, too. (Ofcourse sometimes her friends, from her association, joined us. Once we thought to go municipality)

I really wished to see Boris, Josef and Andy here. I don’t know how I wished but suddenly it became everywhere Andy. Then Nicolas start to see him, too. 

Here are some photos of Andies… 🙂

September 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne and Cremona

Hope to welcome our visitors  in Cremona!

May 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne 

A second group is being formed now for another 18 Ivory mounted bows. As in the first group we will mix  well known makers with less known makers, but all have in common the same passion to do something to support baby elephants!

We welcome for the second Volume on board:

1. Walter Barbiero (Padova), viola bow

2. Emmanuel Bégin (Montreal),

3. Sylvain Bigot (Paris), viola bow

4. Renato Casara (João Neiva), cello bow

5. Gaetan Dariel (Besançon), viola bow

6. Eric Fournier (Montreal)

7. Josef P. Gabriel (Erlangen)

8. Eric Gagné (Montreal),

9. Murat Ufuk Güler (Izmir), cello bow

10. Henry Guerra (Paris/Brasil), cello bow

11. Daoudi Hassoun (Sers)

12. Wellington Imberti (João Neiva),

13. Tibor Kovacs (Paris), violin bow

14. Cody Kowalski, Port Townsend

15. Peter Richtarik (Bratislava), transitional bow

16. Mathias Wohlleber (Berlin), cello bow

17. ..?

… and we can report gratefully that Josef P. Gabriel is  enthousiastic that, although already having participated in Vol. One and donated a viola bow, he is accepted to make another bow, this time an ivory and silver mounted violin bow!

May 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne 

The 2015 Darling Ivory Project has been successfully ended with the adoption for 7 years for each of the 18 baby African elephants, which were financed by 18 donated bows by 18 bow makers. The bows, made with legally purchased ivory had frogs from the very same tusk and pre CITES (1974)  and each bow was delivered with CITES certification for the frog, button and tip. Although the elephant for sure did not die naturally and was with certainty poached illegally (before 1974), we still think it is still the most respectful final destination for the ivory, which will be treated and cared for many years to come as part of treasured bows for instruments of the violin family.

Here some images:

Mitsuaki Sasano, Osaka & Menton

Doriane Bodart, Paris:

Stéphane Thomachot, Cucuron:

Josephine Thomachot, Paris:

Harm Bakker, Amsterdam:

Josef Gabriel, Erlangen:

Vladimir Mukhin, Moscow:

Victor Bernard, Brussels:

Ulf Johansson, Harlösa:

Dirk Löscher, Barcelona:

Dominic Wilson, Brussels:

Arthur Dubroca, Paris:

Boris Fritsch, Paris:

Emmanuel Carlier, Paris:

Alexandre Aumont, Paris:

Kees van Hemert, The Hague:

Andreas Grütter, Amsterdam:

APRIL 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne and Frankfurt

test embossing

APRIL 2017, NEWSfrom Cologne and Frankfurt

click here for large pdf:   frankfurt letter

May 2016, NEWSfrom Cologne and Amsterdam

some comments from

great pictures from Ben Bonouvrier from Amsterdam:

The Winners of the 15 Grand Prix Awards

Each maker could send in maximum 2 bows, either for violin, viola or cello, so can earn maximum 2 awards from each jury member.

Alexandre Aumont

– The Tibor Kovacs-Grand Prix for Cello Bow

Emmanuel Bégin 

– The Tibor Kovacs-Grand Prix for Violin Bow

– The Eric Fournier-Grand Prix for Violin Bow

– The Robert Morrow-Grand Prix for Cello Bow

Bernd Etzler 

– The Eric Fournier-Grand Prix for Viola Bow

The Pierre Nehr-Grand Prix for Violin Bow

Eric Fournier

The Robert Morrow-Grand Prix for Violin Bow

The Bernd Etzler-Grand Prix for Violin Bow

The Robert Morrow-Grand Prix for Viola Bow

The Bernd Etzler-Grand Prix for Viola Bow

Boris Fritsch

– The Tibor Kovacs-Grand Prix for Viola Bow

Tibor Kovacs

The Eric Fournier-Grand Prix for Cello Bow

The Bernd Etzler-Grand Prix for Cello Bow

Cody Kowalski

The Pierre Nehr-Grand Prix for Viola Bow

The Pierre Nehr-Grand Prix for Cello Bow


B. Etzler


R. Morrow


T. Kovacs


E. Fournier


P. Nehr

winning violin bow 64 Fournier 64 Fournier 25 Bégin 25 Bégin 60 Etzler
winning viola bow 65 Fournier 65 Fournier 45 Fritsch 61 Etzler 58 Kowalski
winning cello bow 26 Kovacs 24 Bégin 48 Aumont 26 Kovacs 59 Kowalski

The Winners of the 7 Players (and $$$$ !) Awards

cello Michael Veit choice I Gabriel    
    choice II Strumphler final round of playability favorites: Dirr, Hietbrink
viola Cheryl Swoboda choice I Carlier    
    choice II Löscher final round of playability favorites: Etzler, Fournier
violin Rudolf Nottrott choice I Fournier    
    choice II Fuchs final round of playability favorites: Gabriel, Pierre Nehr
violin Klaus Giebels choice I Slaviero, Luca    
    choice II Wilson    
cello Eva Böcker choice I Aumont    
    choice II Kowalski final round of playability favorites: Wilson, Begin, Kovacs, Mukhin
violin Rachel Buquet choice I Grandchamp    
    choice II Gabriel final round of playability favorites: Wilson
violin Teriyoshi Shirata choice I Sasano    
    choice II Camurat    

The 5 Marie-Pierre Delaruelle Awards

Cody Kowalski    Youngest Participant of the Competition
Mitsuaki Sasano    Oldest Participant of the Competition
Paul Goh    Best Competition Participant from Singapore
Vladimir Mukhin    Best Competition Participant from Russia
Dominic Wilson Best Competition Participant from England

The Shirakawa Award for the best Ivory bow of the 18 ivory mounted bows of the 2015 Darling Ivory Project

Ulf Johansson, Sweden

The Shirakawa Rice Cooker Award for the most helpful Bowmaker from the participants of the Competition (this was the most desired Award!)

Harm Bakker, The Netherlands

The 3 Kaaskop Awards, chosen by Harm Bakker in name from almost all Dutch Bowmakers

Murat Ufuk Güler    Best Competition Participant from Turkey
Kaspar Pankow    The thinnest Participant from the Competition who might be in need for supplementary food.
Andy Lim    Best potential Bowmaker of the room
February 2016, NEWSfrom Cologne and Amsterda

As it is indeed quite strange why in Amsterdam never any important Exhibition or event concerning Contemporary Bows was ever organized, although the publisher of the books about Contemporary Bows was grown up in Amsterdam? A question very often asked to the publisher of Darling Publications (moi!). As I heard that some former attempts before and by others were unfortunately not* very successful, as from the 3 only well known foreign Bow makers who confirmed to come, 2 did not show up and the one who  did come did not take any recently made bow…(?). The Dutch makers were put up in the basement where hardly anybody visited them, which is understandable as musicians know them already and can chat at the next rehair appointment… But there were some panel discussions about old bows as I understood.

So to fullfill all secret desires and public calls for such an event, here it is!  A must for actually all fans of Contemporary Bows (and their makers, as 35 of them are expected to be present at this highly recommended event!) and Contemporary Instruments of the Violin Family. Darling Publications is also announcing the first edition of the 1st Darling Contemporary Bow Making Competition which will take place on

  5-6-7 Mai 2016 in Amsterdam. (free entrance as allways at Cuvée Darling events!!!)

The very first time where such a significant event is of great relevance, as the very best makers followed the invitation of the big boss personally of Darling Publications to visit Amsterdam, where the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, tulips and hopefully nice May weather will welcome about 30 of todays Bow makers and 30 of today´s Violin Makers (not to forget the many great musicians living in the Netherlands). Many of you only know the name from the makers, but never met them in person, so here the opportunity! More than 200 Contemporary bows will be exhibited, each exhibiting bow maker agreed to present at least one bow for sale, something rare to find today, as many have waiting lists. But it was the condition Darling Publications insisted on, and obviously successfully…

A large selection of today´s Contemporary violins, violas and cellos will be presented and played in several playing/listening sessions in the beautiful, just restored, Uilenburger Synagoge, in the typical nice and collegial athmosphere of which Cuvée Darling exhibitions are famed for, where a good glass of wine is a must during the sessions. (by the way, also before and after)

Two great locations, Splendor Amsterdam and The Uilenburger Synagoge, 100m walking distance from each other will host this event, finally a chance for those only hearing already years about the legendary big exhibitions and parties by Darling Publications in Paris and Cremona. Now for the first time inn Amsterdam, so this time it is your own fault if you miss it again… We take care of great bows, great instruments (and their makers), enough refreshments… the visitors for the good company!

*censored on request

September 2015, NEWS …from Cologne and Cremona

2015 Invitation x3

January  2015, NEWS...from Cologne

Obviously the value of of the Darling Publications website is rising!

Just saw now the value of 4th January 2015:

Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-04 um 20.29.30

January  2015, NEWS...from Cologne

Just got a mail with a funny photo.

there it is shown what the value of the Darling Publications website is!! Look:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-01 um 15.00.03

November  2014, NEWS...from Cologne

We are happy to show here some images of the forthcoming book from Gerhard Winkler, here at the printing company Asmuth in Cologne: a 953 pages book with 40 plates of the fabulous fishes!

Gerhard Winkler fotografiert seit nunmehr 25 Jahren kontinuierlich Fische, in der Regel unmittelbar bevor er oder eine Person seines Vertrauens diese zum Verzehr zubereitet. Von den Aufnahmen stellt er später handkolorierte Silbergelatineabzüge her, wobei die Fische in ihrer jeweiligen Lebensgröße vor weißem Hintergrund abgebildet werden. Damit stellt er diese Werkreihe formal ganz bewusst in die Tradition der naturwissenschaftlich-künstlerischen Illustration.Durch die Verwendung seiner Lasurtechnik gelingen ihm mitunter Fotografien von frappanter Plastizität. Im Laufe der Jahre entstand so ein umfangreiches Archiv von mediterranen und atlantischen Speisefischen.

Gerhard Winkler has been photographing fish continually for more than 25 years now: and generally just before he, or a person of his trust, prepares them for eating. From his shots, he makes hand-coloured, silver gelatine prints, after photographing the fish in their natural sizes against a white background. In this way, he consciously situates his works formally in the tradition of artistic natural-scientific illustration. With his glazing technique, he creates photographs of astonishing vividness. Over the years, he has created an extensive archive of edible fish from the Mediterranean and the Atlantic in this way.

In November 2014 Gerhard Winkler’s novel Krakenkaufen (buying octopi) will be published. To coincide with the occasion, a special edition will be published in a circulation of 40 copies at a price of 280 € each. It includes the book, containing approx. 980 pages and approx. 50 full page colour charts, as well as a hand-coloured silver-gelatine print on barium paper.  Potential buyers can choose from a framed print of Sardine No. VI or the Small Dragon’s Head in 24 x 30 cm format.

_DSC8122 _DSC8116 _DSC8113 _DSC8109 _DSC8108 _DSC8098 _DSC8103 _DSC8105 _DSC8106

September  2014, NEWS...from Cremona, Mondomusica 2014

After last year experience, Andy Lim, first time since 2006 is visiting the Mondomusica not as an exhibitor, but as an ordinary visitor. Funnily this year treated unexpectedly very well (?!):

Mondo VIP

_DSC7944 _DSC7945 _DSC7946 _DSC7947 _DSC7948

September  2014, NEWS...from Cremona, Palazzo Trecchi, Sala dei Violini

After this year´s overwhelming presentation and reception of the two monographies by Darling Publications on two exceptional Stradivari violins of his Golden Period – The Yoldi-Moldenhauer, 1714 (for the first time ever published) and The Tartini-Vogelweith, 1711 (edited by Solé Luthiers from Barcelona), we would like to thank our well respected visitors and exhibitors for their appreciated visit and enthusiastic participation.
The location was as our last year exhibition The Palazzo Trecchi in Cremona, a more than adequate buffet and „musical entertainment (?)“ were presented by Lark of London, the well known Musical Instruments Insurance broker of Lloyds at their MondoParty upstairs.


Here we present our exhibiting guests:

The Violin
Seite2 aus Darling Publications Cremona 2014
Not just a violin, but a Stradivari violin of 1714, a most exceptional vintage in its 300th Anniversary year (1714-2014):
The Yoldi-Moldenhauer, 1714 which was never published and exhibited! (of course, till Darling Publications did it)

The Books

Two truly spectacular Monographies were presented, not to be compared with some other (tiny) publications popping up as monographies. The Darling Publications Monographies of the 1711 and 1714 Stradivari violins present the instrument in real full size and in 12 different angles. And if we mean full size, it means full size and not the scroll on another page! And as the growing crowd of violin makers finally start asking for imagers showing more three dimensional images, we present magnificent depth in the photographs by Søren Jonesen from Copenhagen. On several remarks why or who need this kind of publications, as experts don´t need reflections or sculptural images, there could be only the answer that black and white images fullfill that requirement probably better than the vast majority of wrong-coloured reference books! For the more gourmet quality & aesthetically minded, who not only can see but also appreciate the difference or do mind that the arched belly of a violin does not look like the table of a guitar, we have created these two bibliophile masterworks.
_DSC7854_2Andy Lim showing the 1711 Strad Monography to its editors Antoni Solé and his charming female company from Barcelona:  his  2 sisters Montserrat & Mercedes and his wife Irene.

_DSC7891_2A selection of Darling Publications books.
On the wall the pink hide of the highest Hermès quality goat leather waiting to be used for a De Luxe Stradivari Edition.

The Bows

Bows by the following 9 Contemporary Makers were exposed, amoung them some Gold Medals, Silver Medals and Certificate of Merit winning bows of the recent Mittenwald and VSA Competions (Bernd Etzler and Victor Bernard). Some makers were first time – but certainly not last time – exhibibitors at the famed Darling Publication shows. Additionally a selection of the Micro-Photo Lens Cello bows were on the separate display on the right.

– Harm Bakker from Amsterdam
– Victor Bernard from Brussels
– Bernd Etzler from Hungary

– Josef P. Gabriel from Germany
– Eero Haahti from Helsinki
– Ulf Johansson from Sweden

– Dirk Löscher from Barcelona
– Vladimir Mukhin from Moscow
– Mitsuaki Sasano from France
The Cello

A cello, started last year at Palazzo Trecchi in the „Sala dei Violini“ by 7 talented international students of the Newark, Mirecourt and Cremona Schools of Violin Making and finished in the white, under the supervision of Nicolas Gilles, Wolfram Neureither and Sebastian Zens, was presented this year in the very same room where the building of the cello started. Varnished by Nicolas Gilles, setup by Wolfram Neureither and finally played for the first time by Andy Lim himself.
All who saw and heard this instrument were utterly impressed! 4 of last year´s students were present, looking quite satisfied and collected deserved compliments. A truly multi-cultural Italian Cremonese Violoncello!
_DSC5646_22013: The cello in white. After 3 days. From scratch.

cello cremona 20142014: Andy Lim and the finished cello, great looks, great sound! great playing(? )-notice the incredibly rarely seen parallel bowing angle!

The Camera

The CAPcam camera from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, a truly innovative technical camera with its revolutionary 3D-focussing software was invited as the special guest of Darling Publications. Comparable with the mind and drive of the great Antonio Stradivari to improve the already developped violin, the team of CAPcam (Computer Assisted Photography cam) revolutioned the use of the technical camera in a never before known precision and ease of use. Charlie Gfeller and Rolf Eigenheer succeeded after 4 years since its introduction at the Photokina 2010 to present at this year´s Photokina 2014 this fully and perfectly functioning camera. A mechanical perfection of focussing which simply cannot be reached with even by well made photographic gear, a good eye, steady hands and good intentions of the photographer.
Crowds of people around the camera, 3 meters away from the 1714 Stradivari attested its own fascination and frequent exclamations of admiration and astonishment could be heard at its demonstrations!
After the full size books of entire bows at 100% scale, photographed by the Linear Scanning Camera developped by Seitz of Switzerland exclusively for Darling Publications, we are pround to announce near-future projects and publications in co-operation with CAPcam, which enables us in the sphere of even more exceptional quality than already known from Darling Publications.

_DSC7748_2Knut V. Nielsen, the mastermind behind Phase One and known to the world as the image quality professor in their tutorials, in a professional talk with Rolf Eigenheer and Charlie Gfeller at the CAPcam stand, Photokina 2014, Cologne.

20140927-132255_2The CAPcam at the Palazzo Trecchi, Sala dei Violini. In the vitrine, the 1714 Yoldi-Moldenhauer Antonio Stradivari violin.20140926-182122

july 2014, NEWS ...from Brussels, atelier FLAGEY II

Eric Fournier, Daoudi Hassoun, Victor Bernard and  a new kid on the bow block Dominique Wilson enjoying some Belgium beer after working hours …

flagey 2014 wilson

july 2014, NEWS …from Cologne and Brussels, atelier FLAGEY

Vladimir Mukhin from Moscow visited Darling Publications in Cologne, as Eric Fournier visited Brussels´Atelier Flagey and worked there for a week and his colleques Victor Bernard, Daoudi Hassoun were there too,  a spontaneous visit was the result.

here Daoudi, Victor, Eric, Andy with back headed decorative attachments & Vladimir:

Flagey 2014

april 2014, GOSSIP … Confucius says…


Darling Publications seems to be again a big inspiration for violin photographers: after the presentation in Cremona 2013 by Darling Publications of spectacular images by Sören Jonesen from Copenhagen with the very first 80 Mega Pixel digital back from Phase One,  at the Palazzo Trecchi … _DSC1076 _DSC5384

…as well  simultaneous at the Mondomusica Fair of 12 amazing photos in 12 different angles, all of one and the same Stradivarius violin (from 1714 ) to be presented this year which is its 300th anniversary, we heard that soon we can expect similar images from other violin photographers. After years of explaining that we need more images from different angles, finally people start to copy this idea! A pity that photographers did not come up with this idea themselves, but better to finally copy good ideas of Darling Publications than not to do so!

june 2014, NEWS …from the 2014 Mittenwald International Violin and Bow Making Competition


The Mittenwald competion 2014 turned out to have many bow maker finalists which are for many not yet really known. But …they were all exhibitors at the 2013 Cuvée Darling Palazzo Trecchi exhibition, so Darling Publications proved to have a good scouting talent nose…! And Christophe Collinet already participated in a Darling Publications project in 2009 (Munich).

From 9 Medals to be won 8 were awarded to bow makers, pubished and exhibited in Darling Publications books and exhibitions … Congratulations to them all!

3 medals: Bernd Etzler, Violin Gold Medal, Viola Silver Medal, Cello Silver Medal

2 medals: Victor Bernard, Viola Gold Medal, Cello Bronze Medal (violin 4th)

1 medal: Christophe Collinet, Cello Gold Medal

1 medal: David Hawthorne, Violin Silver medal

1 medal: Vladimir Mukhin, Violin Bronze Medal (viola 4th, cello 5th)

but also congratulations to Pierre Francois Pelloux from South Korea (who is this guy? what is he doing there?) with the Viola Bronze Medal!

april 2014, NEWS …Awards, many awards…


gilles+ charton

Patrick Charton and Nicolas Gilles in Paris.

not less than 5 (!) awards were won by Nicolas Gilles from Montpellier in the Viola Biennale Lutherie Competition 2014 in Paris. Quite effective after sending in just one instrument! …

1. Prix du public, 

2. coup de cœur Michel Michalakakos, 

3. coup de cœur Ana Bela Chaves, 

4. coup de cœur Patrick Charton, 

5. coup de cœur Anne-Aurore Anstett

Congratulations Nicolas! Actually no need to mention that already in 2011 a nice monography about Nicolas Gilles (4 quartetts, 16 VSA awards 2004, 226, 2008, 2010) was presented by Darling Publications, but we still do!