The 1st Darling International Bow Making Competition-Amsterdam 2016

As it is indeed quite strange why in Amsterdam never any important Exhibition or event concerning Contemporary Bows was ever organized, although the publisher of the books about Contemporary Bows was grown up in Amsterdam? A question very often asked to the publisher of Darling Publications (moi!). As I heard that some former attempts before and by others were unfortunately not* very successful, as from the 3 only well known foreign Bow makers who confirmed to come, 2 did not show up and the one who  did come did not take any recently made bow…(?). The Dutch makers were put up in the basement where hardly anybody visited them, which is understandable as musicians know them already and can chat at the next rehair appointment… But there were some panel discussions about old bows as I understood.

So to fullfill all secret desires and public calls for such an event, here it is!  A must for actually all fans of Contemporary Bows (and their makers, as 35 of them are expected to be present at this highly recommended event!) and Contemporary Instruments of the Violin Family. Darling Publications is also announcing the first edition of the 1st Darling Contemporary Bow Making Competition which will take place on

  5-6-7 Mai 2016 in Amsterdam. (free entrance as allways at Cuvée Darling events!!!)

The very first time where such a significant event is of great relevance, as the very best makers followed the invitation of the big boss personally of Darling Publications to visit Amsterdam, where the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, tulips and hopefully nice May weather will welcome about 30 of todays Bow makers and 30 of today´s Violin Makers (not to forget the many great musicians living in the Netherlands). Many of you only know the name from the makers, but never met them in person, so here the opportunity! More than 200 Contemporary bows will be exhibited, each exhibiting bow maker agreed to present at least one bow for sale, something rare to find today, as many have waiting lists. But it was the condition Darling Publications insisted on, and obviously successfully…

A large selection of today´s Contemporary violins, violas and cellos will be presented and played in several playing/listening sessions in the beautiful, just restored, Uilenburger Synagoge, in the typical nice and collegial athmosphere of which Cuvée Darling exhibitions are famed for, where a good glass of wine is a must during the sessions. (by the way, also before and after)

Two great locations, Splendor Amsterdam and The Uilenburger Synagoge, 100m walking distance from each other will host this event, finally a chance for those only hearing already years about the legendary big exhibitions and parties by Darling Publications in Paris and Cremona. Now for the first time inn Amsterdam, so this time it is your own fault if you miss it again… We take care of great bows, great instruments (and their makers), enough refreshments… the visitors for the good company!

*censored on request