The Book Presentation of The Great Contemporary Bow Makers of the 21st Century-Vol. One – Cremona, 2011

After being concepted and initiated in 2004 already, this ambitious publication project was announced during the Musicora Show in the Caroussel du Louvre in Paris, 2006. Finally it was a great pleasure that the finished Vol. one of this book could be presented at the Mondomusica 2011 in Cremona by Darling Publications together with 4 other publications:

1. The Bows of Nikolai Kittel
2. Nikolai Kittel – A Violoncello, St. Petersburg, 1833
3. Nicolas Gilles – Luthier à Montpellier, The VSA Quartetts 2004-2006-2008-2010
4. 15 Contemporary Micro-Photo Violoncello Lens Bows

As always a certain party athmosphere could not be avoided …

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